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A reluctant witch and a cranky ghost walk into a bar. Literally. And now they’re stuck there together.

Willow Ravensong didn’t choose the witch life. The witch life chose her.

While the ancient family magic has been doled out generously to her mother and two sisters, Willow can’t even cast a simple candlelight charm without burning the house down, making her the laughingstock of her home village.

All she wants to do is read her historical romance novels and forget about magic.

So when the opportunity to relocate and open her very own bookshop falls into her lap, she can’t pack her bags fast enough, takes her cat, Zephyr, and moves to the quaint town of Mysthaven.

But nobody told her the bookshop was once an old saloon with a shady past.

And that it’s haunted.

And she certainly never imagined the first time she sees a ghost, he’d have broad shoulders, be dressed like a hipster, and have eyes like emeralds.

Or, that his current afterlife situation is making him a grouchy pain in her broomstick.

Willow just wants to get rid of this surly spirit, no matter how easy on the eyes he is. But it seems the only way to do that is to use her powers to help him move on—as long as she doesn’t make an enormous magical mess of things, or worse… fall for him.
If you’re looking for a cozy, witchy RomCom with small town, Gilmore Girls meets Hocus Pocus vibes, you need to read Bewitching the Ghost this spooky season.
???? Haunted Bookshop
???? Bookish heroine
???? Surly book loving hero with Jude Law vibes
???? Delicious enemies to lovers banter
???? Forced Proximity
???? Store room kisses
???? Fated Mates
???? Colorful side characters
???? All the fall flavors and treats that will make you hungry


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