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Signed paperback with surprise swag!

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He’s the guy your mother warned you about.

It’s fun to obsess over him anyway.


I do NOT have a crush on Mateo Precio.

All my life, I’ve known him as the neighborhood boy who rode bikes with my brother all summer. The kid who’d come over to play video games for hours. The guy who only saw me as his best friend’s punky little sister.

But now I’ve grown out of pigtails and he’s looking at me like I’m a snack.

Mateo is so, so wrong for me.

  • Tattooed bad boy.
  • Groupie magnet.
  • Broody rocker

And last night… he accidentally kissed me.

I need to stay away from Mateo Precio. Far, far away. Which isn’t easy—since he lives next door.


Riiiight. That kiss was no accident.

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