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Meet Beth Bennet, a struggling yet plucky actor just trying to get by in La La Land. But it will take more than grit to shake off the enigmatic Will Darcy from her thoughts.

It’s not because he’s drop-dead gorgeous (well, maybe a little); it’s just that he’s so infuriatingly arrogant—like seriously, his ego could block out the sun!

Hollywood hunk Will Darcy finds himself reluctantly roped into a musical against his better judgement, and is only doing this musical as a favor to a friend.

But then he’s struck by the vivacious and sassy Beth, who infiltrates his daydreams like an over-zealous photo bomber at a red carpet event.

As Will and Beth clash and banter, cue the riotous drama!

Amidst their verbal jousting, sparks fly and they can’t deny the magnetic chemistry pulling them together, even if it feels like they’re stuck in some Shakespearean comedy of errors.

And as they say, the show must go on, whether it’s the on-stage banter or their off-stage “who-can-out-snark-the-other” competitions.

But here’s the million-dollar question: when the final curtain falls and the lights dim, is their on-stage kiss more than just a jaw-dropping performance?

Will they take their love story beyond the script, or will it fade away like yesterday’s news in a tabloid magazine?

Join Beth and Will in this hilariously entertaining retelling of Pride and Prejudice, where love and drama go hand in hand, and where you’ll laugh, swoon, and maybe even shed a tear (of laughter, of course!) as they navigate the wacky world of the Hollywood theatre scene.

♥ Love and Loathing is chock full of off the charts hate to love chemistry, witty banter, and whip-smart humor.

♥ If you’re here for a slow burn, closed door, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with sizzling kisses, mild language, and snappy innuendo (and singing pirates) without explicit content, you’ll love Gigi Blume’s hilarious retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.